New webinar: Join us at 1pm on the 14th of October for our Digital Ecosystems webinar. Discover how to map habitat assessments, prepare for biodiversity net gain and design land management plans. Register here.

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Join our network of farmers, farm advisors, land agents, estate managers, ecologists,

foresters, surveyors, and landscape recovery projects.

Intuitive mapping, collaboration and insight

Streamline your workflows with The Land App’s state-of-the-art features.

  • Effortless mapping technology
  • Instant data reports
  • Fast growing library of visual data layers
  • Insightful land and habitat metrics
  • Official government templates
  • Authoritative datasets on-demand (OS MasterMap)
  • Industry-leading data security

Trusted by leading land, conservation and infrastructure professionals across the UK.

Design the future of your farm to access new funding, demonstrate environmental stewardship, and support nature recovery.

Centralise your team and data in one place to plan your strategy and decide the best use of land and assets for the next 5 to 50 years.

Streamline your workflows with authoritative data to save time and deliver data-driven insights, solutions and advice to your clients.

Enhance your service with digital mapping to conduct habitat assessments, prepare management plans, and deliver biodiversity net gain.

Leverage our data library and collaboration platform to identify site locations, plan access routes, and communicate with landowners.

Everything you need in one place to manage, fund, and support investment into nature-based solutions for lasting landscape-scale change.

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Our Mapping Service is designed to support you during every step of your Land App journey. Let us do the leg work so that you can enjoy the results, stress-free. Whatever your request, our in-house mappers will get it done.

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Whether it’s team training to kick-start your project or 1:1 guidance taking your skills to the next level, our bespoke, hands-on training sessions will make sure that you’re getting the most out of Land App.

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Digital Ecosystems: Ecology on the Land App Platform

Join us at 1 pm on the 14th October 2022 for this ecologist walkthrough webinar. …

Using Land App for Landscape Projects

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Our new Left-Hand Panel plays an important role in our September 2022 product update. Designed specifically to improve user organisation, control and efficiency, here are five ways that you’ll be able to benefit from this update: