Countryside Stewardship: Look out for Educational Access (ED1)

Countryside Stewardship ED1

Join a network of Farmer Hosts and open the world of food, farming and the countryside for primary schools in your local area. Add ED1 to your Countryside Stewardship map on the Land App now.
Primary school children on a Country Trust farm visit.

Farmers could claim £309 per visit for Educational Access (ED1) by adding it to their Countryside Stewardship schemes this spring. There has never been a more important time for children to find out where & how their food is produced. We urgently need farmers to open the farm gate, making hands-on, real-life experiences possible. 

The Country Trust provides FREE 1-2-1 support via its network of coordinators who work with farmers to create safe, educational and high-quality day trips. There’s a huge demand for visits from schools across the country, ready to bring their pupils to a local farm. 

Add Educational Access (ED1) to your Countryside Stewardship schemes this spring.

The Land App was joined by The Country Trust in our Countryside Stewardship webinar last month, where they explained – in a little more detail – how farmers can be paid to get involved through the Countryside Stewardship scheme. Watch the short talk below via our Land App YouTube channel:

Exploring Countryside Stewardship – Part 1: The Country Trust .

It is simple to add Stewardship code ‘ED1’ to your Land App maps. Sign up for free here to map your Countryside Stewardship plans now.

Use the Countryside Stewardship template on Land App to change children’s lives and support environmental uplift.

You can also read our top tips for successful CSS applications to stay in the Land App loop.  

If you would like to find out more about how The Country Trust is bringing the working countryside to life for children, then please click here. Thank you for your continued support.


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