Five Benefits of our new Left-Hand Panel: 

Our new Left-Hand Panel plays an important role in our September 2022 product update. Designed specifically to improve user organisation, control and efficiency, here are five ways that you’ll be able to benefit from this update: 

What do we mean by ‘Left-Hand Panel’?

The Left-Hand Panel is everything displayed on the left-hand section of your map and acts as the central hub for user data management.

Benefit One: Save Time

Drag-and-drop plans:

Creates a more organised and streamlined workspace.  

Upload photos in bulk: 

Upload as many photos as you want at the same time, to one dedicated photo layer for efficiency. 

Benefit Two: Greater Control

Create folders:

Ability to file and organise your plans into bespoke folders. All folders created can also be renamed or reorganised, creating a tidy workspace.

Archive plans:

Archive old or unused plans to reduce a cluttered workspace. Users also have the ability to unarchive plans if needed.

Benefit Three: Less Hassle

New plan stepper:

Getting started on Land App is now easier than ever before. You can now import your data, select your preferred template and name your plan in one swift process.

Benefit Four: Visualise Evidence

Dedicated photo layer:

View all photographic evidence at once — making comparison, analysis and uplift clear and structured. The layer also enables you to transfer photos from phone to desktop with ease.

Benefit Five: Unlock Insights

Easy access to our workflows:

You can now find all of our automation and vector management data sets within our new left-hand panel. We’re in the process of creating some more exciting automations… so watch this space!

We hope you enjoy these new changes on the platform.

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Team Land App