Prepare for site visits, harness cutting edge spatial data and unlock the power of collaborative GIS

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An intuitive digital mapping software used by ecologists and land managers right across the UK to assist with habitat baselining, funding scheme applications, ecosystem service mapping and landscape recovery projects.

Land App is trusted by over 17,000 land managers and landowners all over the country. From portfolio management to agri-environment scheme applications to cutting-edge mapping for natural capital projects, Land App is the go-to tool for financial and ecological resilience for your land.

What are the benefits?

Enhance your service whilst delivering Biodiversity Net Gain

Our sophisticated mapping software can help with preparing sitemaps, landscape recovery planning, habitat baselining and natural capital mapping and analysis. From surveying to Biodiversity Net Gain planning, Land App simplifies and streamlines, so you can focus your time and energy where it matters most.

  • Prepare for site visits and biodiversity net gain
  • Quickly make sense of your data
  • Collaborate to achieve wildlife recovery
  • Use spatial data and automatic calculations for a range of projects
  • Get crucial natural capital and landscape insight at the click of a button

Access the latest datasets such as the UKHabitat Classification, UKCEH e-planner data, bespoke England Woodland Creation Offer data layers, LIDAR basemap, Ordnance Survey MasterMap, and many more in our open source data layer library

Efficient and collaborative, Land App’s cloud-based technology allows you to choose who you share your data with, be it colleagues, funders or third-parties.

Baseline, plan and analyse natural capital projects 

Unlock the power of collaborative GIS mapping

Manage multiple holdings with ease

Assess options using a single authoritative source

Collaborate with colleagues and third parties 

Instantly prepare for Biodiversity Net Gain   

Be it natural capital trading, rewilding or government funding applications, Land App helps you consolidate and understand the present state of your land use, and confidently plan for the future. Partnering with leading organisations and government bodies, we equip our users with the digital tools they need to navigate the agricultural transition and unlock a sustainable future. 



What does Land App offer?

Collaborate with your team, clients and third-parties across a variety of maps, design nature recovery projects and government scheme applications using our templates and workflows to unlock landscape recovery and natural capital funding.


Choose the right plan for you


Quickly map land and property, and generate accurate plans
Free Forever
  • RPA field boundaries
  • HM Land Registry titles
  • BPS and Stewardship templates
  • Open data layers from MAGIC
  • Free online help guidance


Centralise teams and data to save time, reduce costs and coordinate work
From £15 Per person when billed monthly
  • All benefits of Free, and:
  • Team and user management
  • Consolidated billing and reports
  • Organisation-owned data and IP
  • 20% discount on OS plans
  • Live customer support
  • Organisation "Map of Maps" layer


Unlock insights to inform strategy, deliver advice, and win opportunities
Contact Sales Bespoke monthly or yearly pricing
  • All benefits of Professional, and:
  • API integration service
  • Ecosystem metrics dashboard
  • Bespoke training sessions
  • Offline payment option
  • Bespoke data creation

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