Enhance your service whilst delivering biodiversity net gain

Ecologists play a crucial role in the prevention of species decline and the restoration of biodiversity.

But to fulfil a harmonious future for our natural world, you need a toolkit that’s designed to fulfil those aims. The Land App is a state-of-the-art mapping platform that upgrades your workflow and boosts collaboration.

Unlock the power of GIS

Now that UK Environmental Bill amendments are in place, the scale and speed of the task ahead demand the right tools.

Our sophisticated mapping software can prepare a sitemap for you, and provide you with the UK Habitat Classification data you need for biodiversity offsetting, so you can focus your time and energy where it matters most.

  • Prepare for site visits and biodiversity net gain
  • Quickly make sense of your data
  • Collaborate to achieve wildlife recovery
  • Use spatial data and automatic calculations
  • Get crucial insight at the click of a button

A resource designed to support local and national goals

Take collaboration up a level

Gather decision-makers around one data-rich map and see enough detail to make a one year, five year or 50 year plan for an area. Using our hub of authoritative data, you can ensure compliance, scan for wildlife recovery opportunities and decide on the best course with greater certainty.

Templates, automation and efficiency

Leave inefficiency behind with digital habitat templates, automatic calculations and geospatial data. Designed for ecologist use, our sophisticated map cuts no corners while drastically improving the speed and efficiency of your work.

Get click-of-a-button insight

The Land App is a central hub for multiple sources of data, including Ordnance Survey data for biodiversity offsetting. With a growing library of data layers viewable on our interactive map or at the table view, you’ll find it easy to make assessments and key calculations.

Prepare for biodiversity net gain

Register all prospective sites for the delivery of biodiversity net gain with a sophisticated and flexible toolkit – including drawing tools and authoritative data layers – so you can quickly map sites and design rewilding strategies.

A data-secure way to work digitally