Landowners & Estates

Your dynamic estate in one central place

The Land App is a powerful digital map used across the UK to assist with estate-wide planning, strategy and centralising a sustainable future vision. It’s trusted by estates like Cowdray, Cholmondeley and Houghton.

Find the best course of action

The Land App gives you a clear view of the impact that decisions will have. You’ll be able to minimise risks, investigate funding and diversification opportunities, and make the best possible use of your estate’s resources.

Efficient and collaborative, the Land App’s cloud-based technology allows you to choose who you share the data with, be it tenants or funders.

  • Prepare for replacement natural capital funding
  • Bring clarity and efficiency to your operations
  • Manage multiple holdings with ease
  • Assess options using a single authoritative source
  • Collaborate with tenants in a cohesive way
  • Baseline sustainable projects across your estate

Easily understand your opportunities

All your data in one place

Access all the authoritative data you need across multiple holdings on one interactive map. From here you’ll be able to manage your tenancies in one place, scope out opportunities for collaboration, and get analysis using our hub for multiple sources of data, including OS and RPA.

Prepare for funding transition

Whether you’re weighing up the potential impact of forestry projects, wetland creation or sustainable infrastructure, the Land App gives you a clear view of the data you need to make crucial decisions. It also brings standardisation to your maps and records, which will be valuable for future funding schemes.

Collaborate with colleagues & tenants

Bring stakeholders across your estate together to create a sustainable future. Our maps and data are live so you’ll keep everyone on the same page, working with templates and government codes – and planning together without requiring people to be in the same room.

A data-rich view of your estate

The Land App’s fast growing library of data layers gives you a full understanding of the opportunities and constraints specific to you. These include Use Designations, Priority Habitats and the Ordnance Survey MasterMap. You can also see everything in a table view so you can identify the exact information you need.

A data-secure way to work digitally