Farmers & Farm Advisors

Map your land and plan your future

The Land App makes it quick and simple to:

  • Map your existing farm
  • Access new sources of funding
  • Demonstrate environmental stewardship
  • Support local nature recovery

Secure your farm’s place on the landscape

Unearth potential on your land

Rediscover your land and find ways to drive revenue. Visualise the best course of action with an ever-growing library of data layers – from National Designations to flood zones, public rights of way and heritage data.

Collaborate with your community

Working together is made easy with the Land App. As collaborative space and a single source of truth, you can map out a project with your land agent or apply for funding together with partners.

Get crucial funding

The Land App makes applying for subsidies simple. With just a few clicks, you are set to download your data ready for Government grants or prepare for natural capital markets with compliance in mind.

Own your data

Our strict policies ensure you remain the owner of your data, and we will never share it with another party without your permission. When collaborating with others on the Land App, you’ll decide who sees your plans.

A data-secure way to work digitally