Land agents

Launch your agency into tomorrow

The Land App is an intuitive platform that meets all your mapping needs. It’s specifically designed to help agents, advisors and land managers work effectively together. 45% of farmland in England has already been mapped on the platform by our customers.

A master key to unlock your workflow

The Land App is a simple to use yet powerful mapping tool.

  • Save time working with clients
  • Revolutionise your current operations by connecting your team
  • Automate insightful calculations for schemes, valuations and reports
  • Build richer client relationships with easy to use dual collaboration settings
  • Boost collaboration across your whole organisation
  • Prepare to step into natural capital markets at the click of a button

Advise your clients equipped with the data you need

Plan smarter at any scale

Our interactive map uses fully formatted spatial data and enables you to quickly draw any map you need for your work. With live, instantly accessible information from OS, RPA and other official data providers, you’ll be able to baseline or design future projects with confidence.

Save time and boost productivity

The Land App brings together the key data you need, including Designations, Priority Habitats and Ordnance Survey MasterMap. You’ll be able to complete previously time-consuming tasks quickly and with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

Take error out of the equation

By using our pre-defined templates and over 50 official data layers, including core data for BPS and Countryside Stewardship, you’ll reduce room for error and make compliance easy.

Get instant reports

In addition to the map view, all data is stored at the table view level. This can be organised by any data layer so you can quickly see and download the exact tabular information you need. It also makes it simple to submit RPA forms.

Collaborate live with colleagues and clients

Gather two people or a thousand to work digitally from a single source of truth. Our interactive map makes for rich client relationships and productive sessions without meeting in person.

Stay ahead and be notified of opportunities

Scope out everything from habitat networks to flood buffers, agroforestry to wildlife corridors, and from historic landfill sites to arable farmland, so you can assess how to move into natural capital markets.

A data-secure way to work digitally