Landscape Projects

Coordinate hundreds of land managers

To deliver environmental uplift across a landscape.

The Land App puts the data you need at your fingertips, along with live collaboration tools, so that you can facilitate landscape-scale change to design a sustainable future.

Prepare for natural capital markets

The future of funding for environmental uplift is changing. Get ahead of the curve and begin baselining your projects and planning ahead with our authoritative UKHab templates.

A catalyst to mobilise your projects

Collaborate with your community

Consultation is made easy with the Land App. You can collaborate in real time on baseline assessments and build Land Management Plans using a single source of truth, so you can map out a project with your community or apply for funding together.

Draw up plans with the data you need

The Land App has over 50 data layers – from National Designations to flood zone areas, public rights of way and heritage data – so you can quickly visualise how best to work together.

View reports on your projects

Use our Map of Maps feature to aggregate a landscape-scale visualisation of your plans. This can then be transformed into a bespoke dashboard for further monitoring and analysis.

Up-skill your group

Our bespoke training sessions enable you to become fluent in the Land App’s capabilities. You’ll also be able to use our in-app messaging service to share insights with each other or directly contact one of the Land App team.

A data-secure way to work digitally