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A tool to power a movement

The Land App brings technology and nature together so everyone – landowners, farmers, farm advisors, land agents, ecologists and surveyors – can protect the legacy of our landscape and secure its future.

We’re fully independent, proudly funded by landowners, and are not under corporate ownership.

Our Mission

A sustainable financial future

Finding alternative means of funding and income for land is a global issue. In England alone, we must act to prevent 42% of farms from becoming loss-making when the Basic Payment Scheme is removed.

A thriving natural environment

To preserve the 1 million species that face extinction this decade, we must see how we can be part of the solution and where we can be collaborating together to reverse this trend.

An enhanced society

To remove 17 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we need to find sustainable solutions for our landscape - and we need to see where those opportunities are.

Uniting sectors behind a common mission

Why does the Land App exist?

Land is finite.

How we decide to use this precious resource is fundamental to sustaining all life on Earth. With nearly 8 billion of us consuming an ever-greater amount of land, it is vital - now more than ever - that we make the right land use decisions.

Competing priorities for land use don’t make this an easy task. We need it to grow our food, purify our water, plant our trees, nurture our biodiversity, store our energy, build our homes and develop our infrastructure. The priorities are endless; the land for them isn’t.

The impact of this problem affects all of us. Individually, the challenges appraising competing priorities are not just complicated, time-consuming and stressful; they put businesses and livelihoods at risk. Nationally, they result in a misallocation of resources that affects strategic priorities from woodland creation to habitat restoration. Globally, they lead to a lack of coordination at exactly the moment we need to come together to solve the existential issues that will define our generation.

Land App Family Farm

But the good news is that hope is not lost. Technology allows us to simplify much of the complexity and ambiguity that currently dominate the decision-making process. We have a vast amount of data and information, which can give us context and insight if pulled together in a format that is easy to understand. We have the ability to connect with people anywhere around the world, which can help us to share the right advice, knowledge and incentives that encourage best-practice. And we have advances in computing, which can help us to analyse data and identify trends, find opportunities and minimise risks.

This is why we exist. Our mission is to help people make the right land use decisions through technology. We believe that by bringing together data, people, knowledge and incentives in a modern and accessible online platform, we can collectively move towards smarter land use and start to address the major issues of our time. 

The Land App, as a user-friendly digital mapping tool, is just the beginning. Our vision is to create a future that empowers resilient businesses, fosters a thriving natural environment, and delivers meaningful collective action. We are excited about what we can achieve together. Join us on this exciting journey.

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