Land App Mobile

Mobile mapping on the ground

A hand-held companion to our powerful digital mapping software. Monitor, measure, survey and share to unlock new value from Land App for scheme applications, site visits and emerging natural capital markets.

Land App Mobile serves as your in-the-field companion to our popular desktop platform. Crucial for everything from site surveys to environmental reporting, our app gives users even more flexibility, reliability and authority when ground-truthing projects; tracking real-world evidencing and uplift, and measuring distances on the ground.

What are the benefits?

Take your mapping up a level with on-the-ground precision

With a selection of easy-to-use tools, high quality basemaps, online synchronisation with our web application, and in-built collaboration, Land App Mobile is the perfect companion for all your digital land management needs.

In beta version 1.0 of Land App Mobile, you will be able to:

  • Take and upload photos from your mobile device
  • View the location of photos on your maps in both the mobile and web app
  • Link photos to plans on your maps
  • Add a description, notes and comments to your photos
  • Find the location of your photos in what3words, OS grid reference or lat/long coordinates
  • Measure distance and area either freehand or using our snap-to-GPS feature 
  • Use high resolution satellite basemap from Google
  • Navigate your maps searching by what3words, OS grid reference, place name or post code 
  • Access maps created by you and your team, and maps shared with you
  • Change your password

Monitor progress for agri-environment schemes

Bring greater clarity and precision to your mapping

Support official applications and planning with ease.

Instantly integrate photos and survey notes to your desktop

Collaborate with your team in new levels of detail

Provide on-the-ground evidence for Biodiversity Net Gain 

What does Land App Mobile offer?

Available on our Professional or Premium Subscriptions, Land App Mobile is designed with your professional mapping needs at its core. Save time on a wide range of tasks, including evidence reporting for Countryside Stewardship, habitat assessments for Biodiversity Net Gain, tree surveys for woodland management, and in-field measurements for planning applications


Choose the right plan for you


Centralise teams and data to save time, reduce costs and coordinate work
From £15 Per person when billed monthly
  • All benefits of Free, and:
  • Team and user management
  • Consolidated billing and reports
  • Organisation-owned data and IP
  • 20% discount on OS plans
  • Live customer support
  • Organisation "Map of Maps" layer


Unlock insights to inform strategy, deliver advice, and win opportunities
Contact Sales Bespoke monthly or yearly pricing
  • All benefits of Professional, and:
  • API integration service
  • Ecosystem metrics dashboard
  • Bespoke training sessions
  • Offline payment option
  • Bespoke data creation

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