Data Services

Bespoke data solutions for improved land management and ecological resilience

Behind the Land App, is a powerful data processing unit; “Land App Engine”. This has been built to digest data and generate powerful insights. Land App with Land App Engine is designed to help deliver nature recovery at scale, driving our growing user base towards best practice with the support of public funding schemes, and private investment.

Ordnance Survey: Commercial Data Layers

We offer a variety of commercial data layers as an official partner of Ordnance Survey which can be purchased at any subscription level, and offer unrivalled clarity for land use and natural capital planning.

UKHabitat Best Guess Baseline

A template to instantly set up a habitat map for Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)


Rapid risk assessment of field parcels on slopes, and in proximity to water courses. 

Wild Edges

An algorithm for highlighting where hedgerows could be improved and habitat networks restored.

Cover Crop Locator

Identifies which arable field parcels have green cover through November to January

England Woodland Creation Offer Checker

Template in partnership with the Forestry Commission to support with applications for the England Woodland Creation Offer

E-Planner by UKCEH

Created by the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology to identify where best to create habitats of local and national importance

Efficient Arable Rectangles

A bespoke algorithm using machine learning to support field planning

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