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Land App Mobile Now Available

Land App is thrilled to announce the release of our dedicated mobile application, Land App …

Managing Your Estate with Land App

Interested to see how Land App can help Estate Management? Come join our free webinar! …

Facilitating Farm Groups with Land App

Part of a farm cluster, or wanting to efficiently facilitate a group of neighbouring farms? …

Preparing for Biodiversity Offsetting with Land App

With the upcoming mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain being introduced later this year, it is more important than ever for land managers to understand what opportunities might arise from this. Come join this free webinar from the Land App, on how the latest updates can help you understand the potential of your land.

Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain with Sainsbury’s

Land App, Sainsbury’s and UKCEH have formed an exciting partnership leading the way in the transition to sustainable food production and resilient supply chains.

Key Lessons: The New Environmental Improvement Plan

The government has just set out its new legally binding environmental targets. But what are …

ELMS: Where are we now?

The government has announced its long-awaited system of subsidies for Environmental Land Management (ELM). So, …

Building a Network: How Rewilding Britain are Bringing Nature Back to Life 

This week, we caught up with Rewilding Britain, the charity that coordinates rewilding projects right …

How Land Managers are Delivering County-wide Revival in Surrey

Effective land management on a big scale is the key to successful conservation. Surrey Wildlife Trust is working with landowners and managers to deliver nature-based solutions that revive and regenerate land in Surrey.

COP27: Greener Finance for a Greener Future

COP27: Greener Finance for a Greener Future 

As COP27 – the UN’s annual climate conference – draws to a close, we reflect on the outcomes and results of this year’s meeting, and what it could mean for land management and green finance going forward.

Bird flu housing measures for England

Bird flu housing measures for England and new support for farmers

Mandatory housing measures for all poultry and captive birds were introduced to all areas of England on Monday 7 November

Habitats, History and Technology: Mapping Devon with FWAG SouthWest

“The templates available on Land App make the planning phase so much easier, you can mock something up, share it with the Land owner, and make any changes needed with just a few clicks”

Ahead of the Curve: Building Strategies for Blended Finance

At present, the land management sector is defined by change. In order to achieve landscape uplift, landowners need to be funded to implement positive land use decisions.

Making Landscape Projects Work: A New Era of Land Management?

Working together with groups of farmers across landscapes and catchments will enable co-investment from catchment and local nature partnerships, enabling blended finance models to be developed to build community resilience to climate change.

Mapping Sustainable Legacies with CLM

From initial analysis to final funding deadlines, the Land App platform has been helping Harrison and Georgina this year to unlock the potential of farms, estates and rural business.


Five Benefits of our new Left-Hand Panel: 

Our new Left-Hand Panel plays an important role in our September 2022 product update. Designed specifically to improve user organisation, control and efficiency, here are five ways that you’ll be able to benefit from this update:

A Sector in Turmoil, but with an Optimistic Horizon: A First Glance at Agriculture 

The Agricultural Sector faces one of the most disruptive transitional periods since the second world …

Great Britain’s SSSI's: Under the Microscope of Spatial Data - Tarn Hows

Great Britain’s SSSI’s: Under the Microscope of Spatial Data – Tarn Hows

In this coffee blog series, we’ll be traveling around the Land App map using spatial data to shine a light on some of Great Britain’s most influential SSSIs. 

September Product Update - 1 pm on the 9th September 2022

9th September 2022 – 1pm

We’ve made some exciting changes to Land App over the summer and we want to …

Transform your Plans with OS MasterMap®

30th September at 1 pm

Land App are hosting an hour-long, free webinar exploring the many benefits of mapping with OS MasterMap® on the Friday 30th September at 1pm.

Training Webinar: Farmers and Land Agents 1 pm on the 9th October 2022

7th October 2022 – 1 pm

Want to unlock the full potential of the Land App platform? Join us for this …

Sustainable farm-based protein competition opens

Sustainable farm-based protein competition opens

The development of products such as methane reducing animal feeds and high protein crops has …

Sustainable Farming Incentive Now Open for Applications

Sustainable Farming Incentive Now Open for Applications!

The Sustainable Farming Incentive has now opened for applications in England and is available to all BPS-eligible farmers. It is designed to be accessible and will reward sustainable practices that support food production and benefit the environment.

Using Map of Maps for Landscape Projects

Using Map of Maps for Landscape Projects

Join us at 1 pm on the 15th of July for a free, hour-long Map of Maps Webinar:

In this interactive webinar, we will be taking you on the Map of Maps journey, our new functionality for facilitating and coordinating projects across a catchment, region or landscape.