This month, we launched the new England Woodland Creation Offer Tool in partnership with the Forestry Commission, added a new tool to the Toolbox, and added an option for existing subscribers to join an annual contract, saving 10%, amongst others. Read more below.

Subscription update 

Subscription Cycle change for existing users – existing subscription users can now move to an annual contract within the page. Moving to an annual Subscription comes with a 10% Discount.

We have also introduced a new array of emails when actions are completed by Organisation Admins (such as upgrades and changes to billing cycles), improving clarity for users.

Find out more about our new pricing tiers

New Tools: England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO)

A set of tools to educate our users on this scheme, and to support a EWCO application

EWCO Checker Tool – a rapid assessment of any holding, using an SBI number, to deliver all sites that are eligible for EWCO, which sites are eligible for Natural Colonisation and which are high-value (achieving more than £2,800 per hectare in additional contributions). All parcels are given a 100-year carbon estimation from the Woodland Carbon Code. 

Woodland Creation Template – a new Plan Template containing all features that are required for a Woodland Creation Plan. Template includes various options for planting trees (conifer or broadleaf), management options to support the planting (including vegetation management e.g. bracken control, and ground preparations e.g. scarification for Natural Colonisation), and capital items (such as deer fencing and gates).

EWCO Validation Tool – recalculate the application value and carbon values after a Woodland Creation Plan has been completed with our new “Toolbox” feature. This feature will recalculate the maintainence and additional contribution values (£), recalculate the 100-year carbon potential for an estimation of your carbon yield, re-assign field numbers and exclude any invalid areas that may have been added during planning (including features outside of SBI number or in constraints such as on peat or designations).

Guidance on how to use the EWCO Tools


Users can now run a “Geometry Fixer” Tool within our Toolbox to fix any broken geometry, and to ensure data is clean within the Land App.

  • What is “Broken Geometry” – when a feature, such as a polygon, has errors in the way it is created such as “self-intersection”. 

How to use the Geometry Fixer Tool

Billing (Subscription tier only)

Purchase Order numbers can now be added in the “Billing” Tab and will appear on the Monthly or Annual invoices that are generated.


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