Keeping your Data Clean on Land App: Top tips from our Webinar 

As more and more people turn to digital mapping to support their land management, staying up to date with Land App’s features is one of the best ways to ensure success.

Maintaining clean and accurate data is essential for successful planning, scheme applications, team collaboration and more. Here, we outline some key strategies and tools to ensure your mapping remains efficient and error-free: 

One Source of Truth

Have one map per farm or holding to eliminate data fragmentation or mapping the same area of land multiple times. Naming maps consistently and utilising folders ensures organisation and accessibility, meaning your mapping is more efficient, and collaboration is much easier.

Organisational Efficiency

Use Folders and the ‘Archive’ function. This streamlines data management with folders meaning you can organise plans, whilst archiving hides old, incorrect, or simply unneeded plans. This means everything can be kept up to date and accessible, creating a clutter-free workspace.

Structured Mapping

Use our Templates for structured mapping. Land App hosts many templates tailored to various scheme structures to make your mapping more accurate and streamlined. Selecting the appropriate template ensures alignment with specific mapping needs.

Consistency is Key

By using consistent naming conventions, you make it easier to find data and old maps, essential for team collaboration. Avoiding generic names is great too, making sure you and your team opt for a structured format for clarity.

Practical Tips and Tricks:

  • Importing Data: Use land registry data when creating ownership boundaries.
  • Tidying Up Data: Employ tools like geometry fixer to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  • Using T-Marks: Enhance clarity in boundary mapping with T-Marks.
  • Print your maps efficiently and accurately: Streamline map printing with customised, reusable templates for consistency and efficiency.

Need a hand? Visit the Land App Help Centre to learn more.

Watch our webinar on keeping your data clean

    Keeping your data clean on Land App is not just about neat mapping; it’s about ensuring efficiency, promoting collaboration, and guaranteeing accuracy. By implementing even some of these tips and insights shared in the webinar, we hope users can navigate the digital mapping landscape with confidence and precision, all whilst ensuring their data remains a reliable source for their land management needs. 

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