What is Regenerative Farming?

Previously confined to the margins of the conversation about agriculture, ‘regenerative farming’ is now being spoken about at almost every turn. Land management approaches are being re-evaluated worldwide in response to climate events, flooding and drought, the continued decline in biodiversity, and the alarming loss of nutrient-rich topsoil. Accordingly, ‘resilience’ and ‘regeneration’ are becoming synonymous with transition, as the world looks for long-term, meaningful solutions.

What is Countryside Stewardship?

What is Countryside Stewardship? Of the many agri-environment schemes, Countryside Stewardship (CS) is perhaps the most well-known. As Basic Payment Scheme funding continues to decline, and the new Environmental Land Management schemes (ELMs) gain more traction, farmers and land managers must stay abreast of schemes that not only benefit their land’s finances but also contribute …

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February 2024 Product Update

Explore the latest Land App update featuring updates to collaborative editing and Countryside Stewardship and SFI templates to include the latest payment rates and options. Free Subscription Updates Inclusion of the latest Countryside Stewardship payment ratesUp-to-date data ensures accurate calculations for earnings from grant applicationsNew codes added: Full list of updates from Goverment hereClick for …

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Defra update blog Land App

Supporting Farmers Ahead of the Current Growing Season

In the last week of March, Defra announced steps to assist farmers with the availability of fertilisers for the coming growing season, to help address uncertainty amongst growers and keep costs down for farmers. With agricultural commodities closely linked to global gas prices, farmers are facing rising costs for inputs including manufactured fertiliser, due to …

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