Partnering with UKHab: Delivering the Data You Need for Habitat Mapping and Biodiversity Net Gain

We’re proud to announce the launch of our partnership with UKHab LTD, helping to improve the quality of digital habitat mapping across the land sector. By teaming up, we’re making habitat mapping swift and reliable for everyone - whether you’re working on baselines, habitat banking, natural capital portfolios, Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), or more…

What is UKHab LTD? 

UKHab LTD is the not-for-profit organisation that created the UKHabitat Classification. This data set represents a “unified and comprehensive approach to classifying habitats, designed to provide a simple and robust approach to survey and monitoring for the 21st century”. UKHab LTD routinely updates the classification, ensuring it is comprehensive and adapting to new requirements in policy and practice. The UKHabitat classification is also the official data language for the terrestrial components of the Natural England BNG Metric 4.0.

Why are we teaming up? 

We know more land managers and ecologists are turning to digital mapping to support applications for land management and natural capital schemes such as Biodiversity Net Gain than ever before. To do this effectively, providing a clear, accessible, and powerful digital mapping tool that enables planning, analysis, and collaboration is essential. As a result, we’ve teamed up with UKHab to bring the UKHabitat Classification to Land App. This means all of our users can create baselines and design future habitats.s, coding it in the UKHab classification. With ease, users can export as geospatial data (GeoJSON, Shapefile or KML), alongside a clean, instant table view or PDF prints also available.

Bring on Biodiversity Net Gain 

With Biodiversity Net Gain set to kick in in January 2024, having the ability to assess, map, and plan your projects is critical. Now we’ve partnered with UKHab, preparing for Biodiversity Net gain just got easier. Albanwise Environment, the Environment team of the renowned Albanwise Estate, has been making good use of our BNG functionality already. You can learn more about how Land App has helped them here:

A BNG case study with Albanwise Estate

The partnership will:

  • Facilitate the delivery of better environmental outcomes
  • Increasing capacity, consistency and competence in habitat surveys
  • Support users of UKHab and deliver high-quality training on habitat surveys and assessment to a broad range of stakeholders
  • Support the update of the classification through feedback from Land App users. 

We’re excited to bring this partnership to the sector, and we look forward to working closely with UKHab and our customers on this journey to improved environmental mapping.

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