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Reflections on Knepp with the Land App Team

Last week, the Land App team were lucky enough to visit Knepp Estate – the rewilding project pioneering a new approach to land management. Here, we dive into what makes Knepp so impressive, what took the Land App team by surprise, and why the future of land management is one of optimism and excitement. 

What is Regenerative Farming?

Previously confined to the margins of the conversation about agriculture, ‘regenerative farming’ is now being spoken about at almost every turn. Land management approaches are being re-evaluated worldwide in response to climate events, flooding and drought, the continued decline in biodiversity, and the alarming loss of nutrient-rich topsoil. Accordingly, ‘resilience’ and ‘regeneration’ are becoming synonymous with transition, as the world looks for long-term, meaningful solutions.

March 2024 Product Update

Explore the latest Land App update featuring new keyboard shortcuts, ease-of-use improvements and new data downloads for paid subscribers. All user Updates Added keyboard shortcutsYou can now use your keyboard to toggle the snap-to-line functionality and to undo, redo, or delete a feature. Edit feature attributes in fewer clicksFor editable feature attributes, simply click on …

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